Thursday, February 27, 2020

What does a Cap Mean Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 4

What does a Cap Mean - Case Study Example As the paper highlights the children of patient could be giving this statement to avoid heavy medical bills which would result from the operation. Moreover there have been cases when children are interested in will’s money of the deceased rather than their well being. Moreover recent medical back ground of the patient should be analyzed and discovered. This record would shed light on her chances at surviving the operations and conditions after a successful operation. The best method is to contact her previous physician for past medical records. This paper stresses that the feelings of the family and friends are relevant to this decision. The important factor however is to analyze and discover any selfish feelings on part of family and friends. These self interests can motivate the participant involved to negatively influence the decision. The best method is to conduct complete interviews with different members of the family in order to cross check point of views and reach the truth. This cross check would enable us not only to understand the perceptions and feelings of family members involved but also reliability of their accounts and representation. These emotions should be judged and included in the decision making process on the basis of their integrity. Over the years different laws have been established when it comes to euthanasia or mercy killing. The doctor in charge would have to establish the fact that the nature of his actions. The prevention of giving the patients treatment which is available could be considered a crime. If the intention of this prevention of treatment is intended to reduce suffering at a later time it would be considered as euthanasia. There the laws which govern the state of affairs in the state of the hospital would be relevant. If the doctor does not adhere to these laws he could be charged with mal practice or even murder. Therefore it is very important to consult a lawyer who has practiced local law and can identify the dangers in the current situation.

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