Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Do Childrens Feet Grow with Age Essay

Newman (2011:35) states ‘older kids have bigger feet’. This experiment will explore through an investigation whether childrens shoe sizes do get bigger as they get older. In order for this to be proven, data needs to be collencted, this will be done so by going into a local school and verbally asking pupils and their parents what shoe size they take. The main objective of this experiment if to find out if the hypothesis is correct or incorrect. Aim The aim of this experiment is to determine whether childrens shoe sizes get bigger as they get older. The hypothesis will be tested by completing an experiment, then by examining the results it will be seen whether the hypothesis was right or wrong. Hypothesis – As children get older their shoe size increases Null Hypothesis – As children get older their shoe size does not increase. Method It was decided to collect the data in form of a simple table. This was decided because only certain information was needed about an age and shoe size, therefore a questionnaire would not be suitable. Also, considering the investigation was mainly aimed at children, the table was the simplest way to collect the data. It was decided to ask the parents of the younger children what their shoe size was as it was assumed most younger children would not know their shoe size. Design and Materials The type of study completed is one which gives an outcome of qualitative data. Furthermore, this can then be shown to be ‘continuous data’, where the data can fall anywhere over a certain range and the scale is only restricted by the accuracy of measuring, in this circumstance, measuring children’s shoe sizes (Mathematics Enhancement programme 2000).

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