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Essay On College Career - 944 Words

College and Career Research Paper When I graduate highschool, I will be attend Georgia Southern University on a full ride with soccer and academic scholarships. I plan to receive my degree in business and marketing, and with that degree and marketing experience, I will become a marketing manager. I am excited to start this new chapter of my life and can’t wait! To start the next chapter in my life, I need to first apply and get accepted into Georgia Southern University. According to the Georgia Southern Admissions website, you must fill out an application before May 1 2018, and pay a $30 application fee to be eligible to go there in the fall of 2018. College costs a lot of money, so while you’re applying and on the admissions page, you†¦show more content†¦For the HOPE scholarship, you must meet one of the many requirements: have a 3.0 GPA from an eligible high school, get a diploma, have 30-45 hours of college. You also need to be enrolled as a degree-seeking student at a public or private HOPE-eligible college or university in Georgia. You must also meet academic rigor requirements, such as meeting the academic rigorous courses and meet GPA requirements. If you get the HOPE grant or HOPE scholarship and do 12 hours, you will receive $1,884 for tuition at Georgia Southern. For my college, you can file for HOPE one of two ways. If you want to get only the HOPE scholarship, then you need to fill out a form on the Georgia Futures website. However, if you want the HOPE scholarship among other scholarships, then you must fill out a FSA form. I filled out a FSA form, so I could see what other programs and scholarships I might qualify for in addition to the HOPE scholarship. FSA, Federal Student Aid, is the largest provider of student financial aid in the nation. Every student who is wanting to go to college should complete an FSA forum. To complete the form you will need an email address, your parents income tax returns, FSA ID number, your legal name, and your social security number. To receive aid from FSA you must fill out the form, meet certain requirements, such as financialShow MoreRelatedCollege And Career Research Essay1158 Words   |  5 PagesCollege and Career Research Essay By, Darien Carson The future; after high school, after college, the future is a later time period that will happen in one’s life. For my future I plan to attend college and later become an engineer. College is one of the best choices available for high school graduates to ensure a successful future. Colleges offer specialized learning that when attended can open many opportunities. Two colleges I may attend after high school are Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyRead MoreCollege Essay : College And Career Search1516 Words   |  7 PagesCollege and Career Search Filmmaking When I was a kid I loved to watch movies with my mom, our favorite was Little Miss Sunshine. With Abigail Breslin as the little girl, Paul Dano her brother, Steve Carell as her uncle that moved in with her and her family, Alan Arkin as her grandfather, and Toni Collette as her mother and Greg Kinnear as her fatphobic father. As the years progressed I started to fall in love with old classic movies, Then I started to enjoy documentaries about almost anythingRead MoreMy College and Career Choices Essay1058 Words   |  5 Pagesthat question. College has always been in my plans but which college? Well, I have it narrowed down to three excellent and well -known colleges. Ohio University of Athens, The Ohio State University of Columbus and Miami University are the colleges that I feel would foremost prepare me to become an athletic trainer. My first college choice is Ohio University of Athens; I think that Ohio University is a prominent university. Also, I like the rural location of the college. This college provides the classesRead MoreEssay My College Career Choices468 Words   |  2 PagesYou go three years of high school preparing for college and at the same time having fun. Until you are in your senior year of high school that’s when you realize and start asking your self what college do I want to go to? Or what college career I want to pursue? That’s when you notice you have but so little time to answer these questions. Me I’m in my last year of high school and I though I already knew what career I wanted to pursue, but its now that I notice that not even I know what I’m goingRead MorePersonal Essay Learning Style623 Words   |  3 PagesPERSONAL ESSAY Personal Essay of Marie Moore Marie Moore COLL100 B020 American Public University PERSONAL ESSAY Personal Essay of Marie Moore The following is a personal essay about various topics about my college education and my learning styles. This personal essay will include thoughts or reasons for seeking a college degree. As well as my own personal learning styles, which are based upon inventories that have been taken. This personal essay will includeRead MoreDo The s Better Prepare African American Students For Careers Versus Pwi s895 Words   |  4 PagesHBCU’s better prepare African American students for careers versus PWI’s Following the ending of the civil war where the southern states within America tried to leave the union after slavery was abolished, many changes for African Americans were put in place.(Cozzens) Of these changes was the creation of the freedmen s bureau which served the purpose of creating educational institutions for African Americans , this historically black colleges and universities (HBCU’s) were founded.(Purnell) SinceRead MoreIn High School, Teachers Handed Out Essays As If They Were1525 Words   |  7 Pageshanded out essays as if they were candy. Throughout my high school career, I wrote roughly fifty essays; none of which were of the quality I would want for my college writings. My Literature teachers throughout high school did not have high expectations or requirements for essays. This laid-back attitude led me to believe that writing was easy and that I was a successful writer. I believed that all you had to do was throw information together in MLA format and it would produce a quality essay, deservingRead MoreSample Resume : Dental Hygienist Essay1212 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction: After INRW I plan to finish college and become a Dental Hygienist. I’ve wanted to become a Dental Hygienist since I was in the 7th grade. When people think of a Dental Hygienist they think about cleaning teeth but, that’s not all they do. I can remember in school my friends saying â€Å"I hate going to the Dentist.† I always loved going to the dentist and getting my teeth cleaned, therefore I chose this career. As a Dental Hygienist, I will be able to teach people the importance of cleanRead MoreWhy I Went To College Essay734 Words   |  3 Pagesliteracy has changed. College comes after receiving the basic educational skills in middle school and high school. It has been debated continuously whether continuing education to college is quite necessary, or if it is just a complete waste of time. Many compare and contrast this topic because college can be expensive and time consuming. College education can improve one’s life for the good however, college is n ot for everyone. Throughout high school, a student learns that college is important to furtherRead MoreAnalysis Of Sanford J. Ungar s The New Liberal Arts 978 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"The New Liberal Arts† by Sanford J. Ungar is an essay that talks about the benefits and misconeptions of receiving a liberal arts with Ungar on the benefits of students receiving a liberal arts education, but way the current education system is a liberal arts education isn’t the best financial choice to receive is a degree. education. Ungar was the president of a liberal arts education and the essay uses Ungars knowledge of liberal arts education to counteract arguments against students receiving

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