Thursday, November 21, 2019

Interview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 6

Interview - Essay Example They dated for a few months before getting married the following year. Miss B. and Bill were married for fifty-two years and had one son together. However, her husband later became sick and passed away due to colon cancer. Miss B. claimed that after Bill’s death, she became lonely, stressed, and confused. After his death, she decided to move back to Hartford to live closer to her son and family in Connecticut. Miss B. is now living alone in an apartment building in West Hartford. She claimed that the people in this apartment building have accepted her into their family; therefore, she does not feel lonely anymore and is absolutely pleased with the new relationships she has built in West Hartford. Miss B. and her husband had only one son, who lives in Hagganum, Connecticut, about thirty-one miles from West Hartford. Her son works at Bradley International Airport, and he and his family (his wife and son) visit her three times a week. They also talk on the phone every day, and she can call him anytime she wants. Miss B. is Jewish; therefore, they celebrate many Jewish traditions, including birthdays and religious holidays. Their celebrations often include organizing a dinner and inviting friends and family to their home. Miss B. was not able to complete high school. She attended a public school called Weaver High in Hartford, which was close to her home, but was forced to drop out during her sophomore year due to financial constraints. Subsequently, she complained that almost everyone in her family has either a bachelor or masters degree, with the exception of her. She said, â€Å"I always feel bad that I did not go college.† Miss B. said that when she was teenager, she had always wanted to be an office secretary, which is why she made an effort to get a good education. Later, she was employed by Aetna Insurance Company as an office clerk and worked her way up to becoming a secretary. She said it was a great

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